Creating a new triggerEdit

To create a trigger, first click the [+] button in the trigger tab.


Creating a new trigger

Then write a name to identify this trigger. Click ok.


Naming trigger

You can see the new trigger is now added to the list.

Editing scriptEdit

Double click the trigger you wish to edit. Trigger edit window will appear. 


Selecting trigger

Click the arrow beside the add event entry, then select an event to trigger this script from the list.


Create a new event

Click the arrow beside the add action entry, then select an action you want in this script from the list. You can use your mouse wheel to scroll the action list.


Creating a new action


Editing action

  • To edit the action entry, simply fill in the properties that you want. You can see more options by clicking the arrow beside each entry.
  • To remove the action, click the leftmost red X button. 
  • Click and drag the edit script window to scroll around.
  • You can create another action entry by repeating this process. 

Click hide when you finish to close the script edit window.

Removing scriptEdit

To remove a trigger, first select the script you wish to remove. Then click the [-] button in the trigger tab.

Tips Edit

  • Create an unique and easy script name to identify it. There are no restrictions in script name.
  • You can create more than one event in one script. This is handy if you want to create an event that happens multiple time.

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