Adding objectsEdit

To add ships, select the ship tool.

Ship button

Ship tool

Click anywhere to add a ship. On the property panel (at the right side of the screen), you can see the ship's properties. You can change the type of the ship, or its speed, HP, weapons, crews, etc.

Ship properties

Ship Properties

You can also add towns (where player could buy goods and ammos) onto the map. First, select the town tool.

Town tool

Town tool

You can place the town anywhere on the map. On the property panel, you can set the town's goods quantities and prices. If the property panel is empty, make sure that you have selected the town first.

Next, you can add a spawn point into the map. Spawn points automatically spawn ships for a fixed time interval. Select the spawn point tool on the tools panel.
Spawn point tool

Spawn point tool

Click anywhere to create it. On the property panel, you can set the spawn interval and the type of ship to spawn.

Deleting objectsEdit

To delete an object (ships, towns, or spawn points), you have to select it first and then press the delete key on your keyboard. Or, you can click the Edit>Delete menu.

Moving/rotating objects aroundEdit

Select the transform tool to move or rotate an object.

Transform tool

Transform tool